A resource leader is a volunteer who assists the 4-H program on a short term basis in local situations. For example, a resource leader may be an instructor for a special interest program, or a guest speaker for a club program relating to any project area.


  • Teach a specific lesson or conduct a short-term special interest program to 4-H members or leaders. Resource leaders usually work from requests by 4-H clubs or 4-H members enrolled in a project area.
  • Become familiar with the overall purpose of 4-H and the particular program for which assistance has been requested.
  • Become familiar with all 4-H guidelines related to the area in which you are serving as a resource leader.
  • Learn basic information about the audience — their ages, the number involved, their interests, etc.
  • Follow-through with responsibility agreed to, evaluate the effectiveness and share with 4-H leader.


  • Skills and knowledge related to the project area for which you are serving as a resource.
  • Awareness of written resource materials related to your topic.
  • Awareness of career opportunities related to your topic.
  • Ability to work with 4-H members and leaders.


  • Resource person to 4-H members and leaders.
  • Extension agents.
  • Community resource people.


  • Satisfaction, recognition, leadership skills and appreciation from others.