Overall 4-H club coordinator who communicates with other leaders, Extension agents, club officers, club members, their families to maintain smooth operation of the club throughout the year.


  • Oversee general operation of club.
  • See that project and activity leaders are recruited.
  • Communicate with Extension agents; pass information to other leaders, members and families.
  • Use job agreement forms with adult volunteers.
  • Guide club goal setting.
  • Guide club annual planning.
  • Work with club officers and committees to plan meetings and carry out annual plan.
  • Participate in leadership training opportunities.
  • Encourage other leaders and members to participate in 4-H opportunities.
  • Help club evaluate whether it is meetings its goals.
  • Help club evaluate its programs.
  • Orders supplies as needed.
  • Keeps records of enrollments and adhere to county deadline dates.
  • Coordinates orders for literature.


  • Interest in youth and adults in community.
  • Ability to communicate with youth and adults.
  • Ability to organize and plan.
  • Time to carry out club leader role.
  • Know where to find resources and information.
  • Ability to delegate responsibility to others.
  • Positive role model and good example of youth.


  • Other leaders, teen leaders and officers.
  • Members and their families.
  • Extension staff.
  • County council representatives.


  • Satisfaction, recognition, leadership skills and appreciation from others.