dairycowGot milk or ever wonder about the power of cheese? Spend a little time with the animal that creates all this goodness. The 4-H Dairy project is for members who want to learn more about dairy animals and who may want to care for and raise one or more female dairy animals. Members usually start with a heifer calf or yearling heifer. Older members may start with a producing cow. This project also provides you an opportunity to start with a calf and raise it to a producing cow.

For specific information about the project, visit the Colorado 4-H website.


e-Record & Fair Rules

Livestock Junior e-Record (ages 8-10) - Excel / PDF

Livestock Intermediate e-Record (ages 11-13) - Excel / PDF

Livestock Senior e-Record (ages 14-18) - Excel / PDF

Livestock Breeding Supplements

Livestock & Horse Record Book Tip Sheet