horseThese projects are designed to provide you an opportunity to handle, care for and ride horses. 4-H members may own or lease the horse used in these projects. If two members of the family use the same horse, it must be on an equal basis. The member must have complete access to the horse at any time and must provide full care and management a majority of the time, whether the horse is owned or leased.

For more information about the project, visit the Colorado 4-H website.


e-Record, Fair Rules & Resources

Horse Junior e-Record (ages 8-10) - Excel / PDF

Horse Intermediate e-Record (ages 11-13) - Excel / PDF

Horse Senior e-Record (ages 14-18) - Excel / PDF

Livestock & Horse Record Book Tip Sheet

Other County Contest List

Colorado 4-H Horse Show Patterns

SLV Fair 2018 Horse Show Patterns

Colorado 4-H Horse Levels Testing Info